We want to help people make more informed investment decisions.

We aim to provide data from all investment opportunities available to Nigerians regardless of their income class, age or location.
Our long term goal is to reduce barrier to entry for long-term investment, especially for low-mid earners.

About Us

Millions of Nigerians have been duped while involving themselves in get-rich-quick schemes like MMM, Twinkas and a host of others

Everyone deserves a chance to invest and have rest of mind yeah?, but the investment industry wasn't designed to be this fair and easy. Why is this? There's more money to be made when you have to hire experts to tell you what to do.

If you choose not to hire them, how then do you know you're making the right decisions? That's where we come in. Nairastack seeks to democratize investment by providing the right knowledge for interested investors to make informed decisions.

How do we do this? We find investment information and bring these to all Nigerians (both home and abroad) in digestible formats, providing key details that can help people make wise decisions. In the nearest future, we will be able to use machine learning to provide more in-depth data.

For what we intend to achieve (democratising investment). We know smarter people exist that can drive this passion with us.

Would you like to get on this journey?

Send a mail to us@nairastack.com


Oluwatobi Mayowa
Oluwatobi Mayowa
Remi Martins
Remi Martins
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